Chemistrystudent.com has been set up by Matt and Mo Langford to help A-level chemistry students with their studies.


The site is basic and, at the moment, non exam board specific. This may change in time but the focus has been, and continues to be, on writing content for the site.

Having both studied chemistry at university, we know the challenges chemistry poses as a subject. We hope that chemistrystudent.com will be able to help students navigate their way through the beautiful yet sometimes frustrating process of learning chemistry.


Terms and Conditions

Whilst every reasonable effort has been made to verify and check all material for accuracy, we (M and M Langford) are not responsible or liable for any situation or circumstance that may result from using information presented on chemistrystudent.com. This includes teaching and in examinations. 

Information presented is for the sole purpose of aiding educating and learning, we do not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the content provided on the site. Experimental techniques are presented for theoretical, not practical, purposes only and we accept no responsibility or liability for any injury or damages that may occur from their use in actual experiments.

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